When I first arrived in Austin, I got a job as a preschool teacher.

Kids have this way of teaching you things no one else can; their passion for learning, shameless honesty, and untethered confidence are attributes to admire. Sadly, these qualities tend to dissipate as soon as little ones reach kindergarten. I loved teaching children, but quit so that I could focus on my true passion: my art. I was bright-eyed and enthusiastic to continue my practices I had honed in school. I picked up a serving gig at a local restaurant to pay the bills, and not two months later, fell on broken glass and tore three tendons and the ulnar nerve in my dominant hand.

After 4 sets of stitches
2 surgeries
2 years of occupational therapy
more restlessness than one can quantify
and 1 lengthy bout of depression,
I founded Kind & Brave
in hopes of allowing myself to heal

The drawings & blog posts you find on this site are all inspired by my desire to help others introduce a little more kindness and bravery into their own lives. I'm a believer: if we all lived a little bit more like the children I once taught, the world would be a better place.


Abigail Marguerite is most often found spending time with her husband Alex or Creative Directing over at The Guild: a new concept in hospitality. An INFJ personality type, her passions include essay writing, contour drawing, light studying, treat baking, and people watching. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, favorite sound is rain on rooftops, and favorite body part is—not surprisingly—the hand.