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Kind & Brave

A movement


We are all the same. Whether black, or white, or child, or adult; whether we're a sister or a brother, a son or a daughter, a cousin or a friend; whether we're part of a biological family, or an adopted family, or not part of a family at all. We are all the same.


We are all afraid


together, we're



Some of us are afraid of spiders. Others are afraid of flying. We can be scared of people or natural disasters or change. We're fearful of reliving traumatic past experiences, embarrassment, judgement, pain, and sorrow. We're scared of failure and triumph for different reasons. Most of us are afraid of death. We're terrified of being forgotten. We're afraid of so much, the phobias never end: claustrophobia, agoraphobia, cynophobia, astraphobia, trypanophobia... for one reason or another, we are all fearful.


we all hurt


FEB' 17



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We all Love