50 Fun Things to do This Fall


1. Take a walk with a friend or loved one on a brisk morning/afternoon

2. Make a list of things you're grateful for (bonus points for sharing the list with your loved ones)

3. Drink cider (both alcoholic and non-)

4. Mummify your friend with toilet paper. Then let them mummify you. Set a timer to make it the most ridiculous competition you'll take part in this year

5. Hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood (sign up beforehand on neighborhood trick-or-treating lists if you live in a city)

6. Rake the leaves in your backyard (bonus points if you help out your neighbors with their yards)

7. Leave candy outside your door for neighbors all October long

8. Hang out on a porch (bonus points if you're in a rocking chair)

9. Wear hoodies, leggings, booties, slippers, and anything else cozy

10. Spot as many black cats as you can. Keep count

11. Visit an apple orchard and pick your own apples! (bonus points if you then make an apple pie with your pickings)

12. Have a cozy movie & board game night with friends and loved ones (bonus points if you make hot cocoa and pan-popped popcorn)

13. Roast smores over a fire (bonus points if it's on a camping trip)

14. Visit a pumpkin patch. Pick out at least 4, plus a few gourds. 

15. Have a pumpkin-carving party with friends and vote on the best one at the end of the night (don't vote without lighting them up first)

16. Have a fire in a real stone or brick fireplace

17. Take a long hike (wear layers: you're bound to work up a sweat)

18. Plan or participate in Friendsgiving (bonus points if you attend more than one function)

19. Go to a football game

20. Pick up pretty fallen leaves and make leaf rubbings (bonus points if you make your leaf rubbings into greeting cards)

21. Plan and home-make your Halloween Costume

22. Face-paint a friend's face or get face painted (bonus points if you do both)

23. Make as many "Day-After" sandwiches as possible with the Thanksgiving leftovers

24. Take a hayride

25. Visit a haunted house, abandoned building, or graveyard (bonus points for visiting all three)

26. Watch Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Beetlejuice, Casper, Ghost Busters, Practical Magic, The Corpse Bride, and The Nightmare Before Christmas

27. Watch "Elf" on Thanksgiving (ABC Family has been known to play it all day long)

28. Make a pumpkin pie (bonus points if you purée fresh pumpkin)

29. Make home-made spiced pumpkin seeds

30. Go to a Mexican Museum for Day of the Dead to learn more about the holiday

31. Layer up and go kayaking, canoeing, or fishing

32. Create an epic spiderweb in the biggest tree in your front yard 

33. Donate food items to a food bank in your area (bonus points if it's right before Thanksgiving: food banks are usually strapped for supplies)

34. Make caramel apples

35. Make a pine cone bird feeder with peanut butter and bird seed

36. Make paper turkeys by tracing your handprint on construction paper and gluing colorful feathers to the fingers

37. Watch every Thanksgiving-themed "Friends" episode in chronological order

38. Walk through a corn maze

39. Fly a kite on a windy day with a loved one

40. Bring along a friend for a walk at night through your neighborhood with a flashlight and some to-go cups full of piping hot tea/coffee/cocoa/pumpkin lattés

41. Take a road trip to nowhere in particular to admire the foliage

42. Go camping or rent a cabin with friends

43. Get in school-spirit and visit a library

44. Buy local produce at a farmer's market

45. Make as many different kinds of soups/chilis as you can think of (from scratch) and freeze them for quick, healthy dinners

46. Spend a day antiquing

47. Find the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans

48. Open the windows to let the fresh, crisp Fall air into your home

49. Hold a strike against all Christmas Decór that pops up before Thanksgiving

50. "Bring a broken broom into your office, throw it on the ground, and say, 'Sorry I'm late for work'" (for a list of hilarious suggestions like this one, read Mary England's Fall Bucket List Suggestions)


Did I forget anything? What are your favorite Fall Traditions? Do you agree that it's the best season of them all? Leave a comment below :)