2016 Favorite Small Businesses


My parents used to own a small antique store called, "The Lilac Hedge." I was only ten or so when they decided to sell it, but the impact it had on my life was significant. Though I was probably more trouble than I was worth, my mother would bring me with her on weekends; she'd let me help wrap gifts and re-arrange the extensive, beautiful inventory. I loved it.

Having grown up with small business owners as parents, I find it second nature to show my respect and gratitude towards other small business owners. It gives me hope to see society moving back in the direction of buying locally - supporting local artists, friends, and neighbors. 

The following are a few of my very favorite online small businesses. If you have a gift you need to buy or if you're simply looking to give yourself a treat, please consider the following shops. The artists who own them are crazy talented and deserving of your business!

Ochre Objects by Cindy Horrigan

Beautifully designed jewelry inspired by art history and emphasizing the curves and planes of the body through subtle geometric shapes and unexpected stone settings.

Aporta by Noelle Sharp

A designer, textile, knitwear, and accessories company fueled by excellence in craftsmanship and quality of living. Fibers are handpicked to ensure all products are of the highest caliber. Aporta honors the tradition of honest hard work.

A Well Traveled Brand by Bekah

Simple, sweet, hand-made products by Bekah of A Well Traveled Woman mixed with eclectic curated goods from afar.

Madesmith by Local Artists from All Over

Madesmith brings you the stories of makers and designers who produce handmade objects sustainably. Through these stories, the store aims to bring you closer to the makers, their well-crafted products, and the process.

Noah Marion Quality Goods by Noah Marion

Noah Marion Quality Goods focuses on untreated, undyed natural vegetable tanned leather in order to allow the user to personally bring the design to life. Noah's hope is for each person to interact with their wallet, bag, or belt differently and, therefore, truly make it a unique object for themselves.


What are some of your favorite small businesses? I'm always looking for some to add to my list! Let me know in the comments below :)