On Kindness: Betterment


We should want better for ourselves. It's easy to feel restless - to go from one thing to the next, to the next, to the next in disillusionment. It's easy to start and stop, stop and start again. It's easy to quit and commit, commit and quit. It's easy to fall and stand up again, stand up and fall.  It's easy to put things up, put things down, put things away, take things out. 

But we should want better.

Let's work for our minds and bodies to be as healthy as possible. Let's work towards seeing more of the world; too much of it goes unnoticed by too many hindered, tired eyes. Let's experience moments that can only be understood through the experience.

Let's love what we do and help others often. Let's create and bring those creations into the world. Let's share our excitement over our work with others: let's tell them why what we're doing matters.  

Let's want better for ourselves. Let's sleep through the night. Let's wake up early and enjoy the sunrise. Let's share our laughter with friends and family. Let's make decisions that will forge a path towards learning and living in simplicity. 

It's time for better. Let's do it.