On Bravery: A Bucket List


Some Be-Bold Goals

A list of my current bucket list. What's on your list? I'd absolutely love to hear. Let me know in the comments below.

Visit The Redwoods, California

See the Northern Lights

See the Grand Canyon

Make at least 20 original pie recipes

Plant a tree

Build a tree house

Donate blood

Attend a TED talks event

Go berry picking

Play messy twister

Cliff dive/jump

Own my own successful business

Participate in a food fight

Ride a roller coaster

Walk away

Buy balloons (choose a number & a reason) & let them go

Ride on the back of a camel

Ride on the back of an elephant

Spontaneously pack a small bag, go to the airport, and choose a destination; Go

Be in two places at once






South Africa




Get a tattoo

Experience 24 hours of sunlight

Drive on the highway

Go on a road trip through the United States

Host and cook a beautiful Thanksgiving meal

Go on a hot air balloon ride

Spray paint “Abigail Marguerite”


Run on the beach

Run a 5k

Drive a standard

See an Andy Goldsworthy in person

Assist in flying a plane

Adopt a child

Write and publish a book





Fail miserably

Sail with Dad

Sleep on a rooftop

Fall in love

Ride a ferris wheel

Give someone my number

Hold a tarantula

Explore an abandoned building

Witness a meteor shower

Go skinny dipping

Crack eggs with one hand

Get ears pierced

Work on a movie set

Sell original artwork

Experience being poor

Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain