Mindfulness: On Imperfection


If I know one truth in this world, it's that everything, everyone, every planet, and every star is imperfect. There is not one thing in the universe that can reach perfection; that's what makes life beautiful. 

We notice imperfection in ourselves: "my hips are too big," "my nose is crooked," "I hate my laugh," "I need to lose ten pounds by summer." We criticize others' imperfections: "did you hear what Jen did the other day?" "I can't believe he slept with her," "I would never dream of wearing that on an errand run." We find imperfection in our habitats: "the crack in the ceiling is getting more noticeable," "it's a mess in here!," "the dishwasher isn't heating anymore."

What in your life is imperfect? Is your marriage falling apart? Do you have a scar over your left eyebrow? Is your work schedule a mess? Do you leave your clean laundry in a pile on the floor? Do you make the worst cup of coffee or fail at finding a career? No love life? Is the baseboard you've tried fixing five times still coming up? Do you have a gap in your two front teeth? Is your bank account suffering from credit card debt? Find yourself directionally challenged? Always late? Are you a know-it-all?

It's time to celebrate imperfection. The cracks in that walkway, the stain on that shirt, the way you seem to always get a piece of eggshell in your scrambled eggs. Let's call attention to the beauty of life - to the reasons worth living. 

Here's to imperfectionism.