On Bravery: Falling


Falling never ends painlessly.

Falling Off

When falling literally, the result is physical: a scrape, a scratch, a broken bone. The thought of the injury is far greater than actual damage done. The irritation of pebbles piercing skin or the swelling of a sprain may cause anguish immediately, but pain and anxiety can dissipate after observing the wound.


Falling For

When "falling," the result is emotional. Our expectations of the person we've taken to are magnified and multiplied. We build her up to be everything we want and everything we need. The sheer excitement of possibility shields us from any small discomfort. Sometimes, our needs are met. When they're not, pain bubbles slowly and we must look closely at a relationship (only) when it's starting to sting. Instead of seeing a wound far smaller than we are expecting, we are many times met with a realization of the faults we never before saw in the person we love. Once these weaknesses are recognized, there's nothing to do but watch them grow and fester.

When we fall, we feel it before we see it. But it's easier to deny a broken heart than a broken arm.


What have some of your most painful (physical or emotional) moments been? How did you find the courage to move forward? We'd love to read your stories below.