Mindfulness: Appreciation


When meditating on kindness and bravery, I sometimes find it helpful to think about the things in life I'm most grateful for. In particularly tough times, it reminds me that even if I'm going through hell, there's still light in the world: good, kind people and things worth bravely fighting for. Read through the list and let me know if you think I forgot anything. What are some things you're grateful for? Share with us!

Some things to be grateful for

Beaches; the sound of waves rolling over each other

The rain


Being able to say, "I have a job"

Overall good health and the drive to be healthy

The ability to travel by flight

Good music

Having a solid understanding of your dreams and goals

Common sense; in yourself and others

The internet

Being able to fall asleep nude and sprawled diagonal across the entire bed

Creative talents and artistic abilities

Observing someone laughing

Family-run businesses

Tiny Houses

Tree Houses

The Fall

Really cold nights with good books, giant blankets, and tea


Alcohol for said dancing

Movies that pull you in and don't loosen their grip until the last of the credits have rolled


Good Sex

Long, hot showers

Amazing, dedicated parents

Having someone to look up to

Experiencing a college education

Sharing a secret with a trusted loved one and knowing it's safe from the rest of the entire world

Being financially independent 


People who can make you laugh

Candid photographs



Books that don't allow you to leave them


Small collections of natural, beautiful objects

People back home who love you

New England

Hugging a loved one after a long stretch of time away from one another

Family meals cooked together


The ability to read and write



The smell of bacon cooking

The salty, sticky feeling after an ocean swim; all of it washed off by an outdoor shower

Farmers markets

Local craft fairs

Picnics with watermelon

Honeycrisp apples

Stretching after sitting for too long

Road trips

Train rides

Good public transportation systems


Cracking joints when they feel tight


Unexpected emails, calls, or text messages that trigger a smile to sprawl across your face

Skype/Google Chat/Face Time: the ability to see your loved ones' faces when they're too far for a hug


Walks with a friend and good conversation

Walks alone

That snail mail and post offices are still in existence

Loyal pets

Meeting someone new and getting butterflies in your stomach

Seeing old couples who are visibly still very much in love

Letters from grandparents

Hearing about family histories

Amazon Prime

When little ones run into your arms and burrow into your shoulder



Friends who remind you of what you're worth