Mindfulness: For if I Ever Have a Child


I'm twenty-six years old. I don't know what lays in my future. I have a vague sense that I'll one day have children: I would love to adopt. Life has a way of happening, though, interrupting dreams and hungrily eating up time. So, you never know. But if I do have a child, I'd want him to know that the two most important things in this world are kindness and bravery. The following is the list of things I'd want him to know as truth.

Advice: from Your Dear Old Mum

The world doesn't owe you anything.

Kindness will get you everywhere. And when it doesn't, bravery will carry you through.

Being brave means understanding your fears and facing them anyway.

Kindness means treating everyone you meet in your path better than you yourself would want to be treated.

Strangers and acquaintances should be treated with the same respect as your friends and neighbors.

Help people. Talk to people. Empathize with people. They are your brothers and sisters.

Love is real. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn't. No one can tell you what love is, but you will know once you find it.

Being in love is difficult to accomplish - yet possible.

Sometimes love isn't enough.

Things will get better. They always do.

Work hard, play hard, and stay humble. If you follow these three guides, you will be successful.

You are the only one who can define what success means.

Reading teaches you more than you think. There’s a reason old library books smell so good.

Spend time with yourself. You are the one person you know you can always rely on.

Sometimes, your best friend won't know the right thing to say. 

Europe is worth going to.

Watch films and documentaries, 

Soul mates exist, but there are multiple soul mates for each and every person on earth.

Your soul mate should be like a mirror: you may not always want to see the truth, but they'll show you anyway.

Jealousy is normal, but in the end, you’re only competing with yourself. 

It’s always better to go to the doctor. Once you find out what’s wrong, you can make educated decisions and deal with it.

Sometimes, games are fun. But when you’re done playing them – when you’ve decided that it isn’t worth it anymore – just stop. Tell him how you actually feel & don’t be ashamed about it. It is normal and he is just hiding. He will respect you more for who you are if you just say what’s actually on your mind. 

Watch films and documentaries. Spend money on plays and ballets. Dress up for symphonies and operas.

Be aware of your future, but be present here now.

Get to know your family members before it's too late. Ask about things you don't think you care about: their high school loves, their favorite places growing up, their favorite music and foods, what their dreams looked like.

Exercise will make you feel better both mentally and physically. 

Smiling will make you more friends.

Sleep as much as you can. Naps can save you in times of stress, dismay, or complete exhaustion. 

Don’t ever underestimate what you can do for your community and others in need. You can’t do everything for them, but anything will do.

Enjoy the weather. Be outside as much as possible. 

Have enough belongings to keep you comfortable, but little enough so you can move easily. 

Try not to get attached to objects. People are much more interesting.

Value, beauty, and just about anything else is in the eye of the beholder. 

Never apologize for how you are feeling.


What do you think? Do any of you who have children have a list of advice for them? Is there anything surprising you told them that you wouldn't have thought of before having children? What would your list contain (whether you have kids or not)? We'd love to hear. Leave your list in the comments.