Mindfulness: Small Pleasures


When my hand injury first happened, I was easily frustrated and angry. As an artist, when such small tasks such as turning a doorknob or opening a jar were difficult, I began losing hope that I'd ever be able to create again. When the stress became too much, focusing on small things that still made me smile was helpful. During that time, my list included:

Hot hot showers

Towels straight from the dryer




That salty, sticky feeling after an ocean swim

Bear hugs

Rerun televison series marathons


Pillow lines on skin

Long aimless drives down wandering streets

Traveling to far off lands

Exploring familiar neighborhoods

White sneakers

Hot cocoa (the kind with the teeny marshmallows)

Cozying up in a bulky sweatshirt

Care Packages

Snail Mail

Mixing cookie dough with your hands (and eating half the bowl)

Rustling leaves in Autumn

Fort Building

Layering socks

The first falling snow of the season

A good stretch after a long catnap


Forehead Kisses

Picking flowers for someone


The feeling you get in your stomach upon takeoff


A perfectly toasted s'more

Building snowmen

Laughing until you cry

Temporary tattoos


Sailboat rides in summer

Sidewalk chalk

How light filters through windows and makes pretty patterns

Train rides

People Watching


The act of q-tipping your ears

Painting a room the perfect color


Live music



Blowing out all the candles on your birthday cake (without spitting on it)

Catching a meteor shower

Scratching a ridiculously itchy mosquito bite

Card games

Breakfast for dinner

Dancing on your parent's toes

Talking to an old friend after months of being out of touch

Penny Candy

Macaroni & Cheese

Staying up past bedtime

Letting go of a balloon and watching it disappear

Today, I'd add to the list: the sound of rain hitting rooftops, long meandering walks through neighborhoods, and inspiring architecture.


What are your small pleasures in life? I'd love to hear in the comments!