Mindfulness: The Grand Canyon


I once read somewhere that in order to boost your confidence in times of anxiety, stress, or sadness, that you should imagine your life's happenings as the Grand Canyon.

To exercise this experiment, visualize all of your greatest memories from the past: the first time you held your nephew, your favorite Christmas, your college graduation, childhood adventures with your siblings, and your memorable overseas vacation. Next, picture your present: your newest hobby, your record speed on your last run, your home, your closest loved ones. Then, imagine your future: your dream job, an exciting romance, who your kids will turn out to be, where you'll end up settling down. Picture these things as vast mountains forming hills and valleys, rivers and streams throughout the Grand Canyon. 

Once you have this picture set firmly in your mind, place your anxiety and sadness into it. Sprinkle your stress all over the Canyon. Spread every "bad" or "scary" experience throughout these extensive rocks. The broken bone you had in third grade, your parents' divorce in middle school, that truly terrible haircut, the two jobs you got fired from, and that nervous breakdown you had in your twenties.

Take a look. Peek inside those hills and valleys. The stress and anxieties don't disappear, but suddenly, your problems seem much smaller - and you can once again see clearly what truly matters. 


Feel free to give it a try. Let us know what you think. How do you meditate?