Confessions: Experienced


I 90% guarantee you:

I do not have ALL of the "experience" you're looking for.

5 years at a design company? NOPE. 4 years at a prestigious magazine or well-known blog? No way. 2 years in management? 3 years in marketing? A degree in "this" or "that"? No, sir. And guess what?

I'm still valuable.

It is a GOOD thing that I haven't settled into a career position at age 26. In fact, if I had, you'd have reason to be concerned.

I'm young, I'm passionate, I'm eager.

I'm excited, empathetic, and damn hard-working. I graduated just 4 short years ago and I've had more experience (there's that word, again) than I can count on all my fingers and toes. How? Because I network, I try things out, and I move on if something isn't a good fit. Because...

I'm smart. I'm confident. I know my worth.

"But how can we be certain you'll know how to do what we need you to do?"

You won't. I might not know how to do what you're asking of me; however, I can promise you I'll be interested enough to try my best, and then try even harder when my best isn't good enough. I love a challenge.

"How do we know if you're trustworthy?"

I've worked for therapy offices and pre-schools. I've handled highly confidential calls and billing statements. Not enough evidence? Call me in for an interview. Ask me to be there on a specific date at a specific time and I'll be there. And when I'm hired? I'll continue to show you:

I'm responsible.

I am timely, well-dressed, and always ready for the day ahead. I'm highly committed, dedicated, and conscientious. I will meet deadlines - even if that means working an all-nighter here and there. I'm flexible, organized, and have fantastic time-management skills. I have excellent communication skills, learn quickly, and am comfortable asking questions if and when I don't understand something.

"How can we be sure you'll work harder than our last employee?" 

Hard-working is my middle name. I don't need anything handed to me. I can climb 70 flights of stairs a day for 5 days straight - all while carrying a large tray full of food above my head. I can fix boo-boos and dry tears streaming down faces. I can calm frazzled parents, acquiesce angry customers, and soothe a room full of 30 whimpering toddlers to sleep in record time. I can smile all day long without my face hurting. I can remember what 10 people want to drink, rattle off specials like no one's business, and bring in generous monthly earnings for a small business. I can change 15 diapers in 20 minutes flat (and if that's not impressive, I don't know what is).

"We're not convinced."

I can ghost-write captivating articles for brands and services I'm disinterested in, design how client websites will look, feel, and function, and sew the curtains for your living room sconces. I can imagine beautiful home goods and then create my daydreams from scraps of fabric and nothing else.

I can make something from nothing.

I can package and ship 400 pieces for you. I can advocate for your brand or design and brand you from scratch: make you logos and merchandise that you'll make money off of. I can conceptually conceive most situations and I handle criticism like a pro.

I've written, illustrated, and published a book on my own. I've created an online business. I've kept a daily blog with enticing articles. I've marketed myself and gained a loyal following of supporters. 

"How would others describe you?"

I'm personable, friendly, and loyal.

I can convince you that your flaws are truly the best parts about you, that life doesn't depend on being happy all of the time, and that dinner can be healthy without being home-made. I can listen for hours and give you advice only when you ask for it. I can speak honestly with my superiors and will give them the utmost respect.

I'm an observer, a seeker, an adventurer.

I tune into my surroundings. I notice how my peers move through their lives and learn from their triumphs and defeats. I have common sense. I constantly look and listen for the next opportunity - continuously check behind every corner and around every turn. I go places, travel, try things out. And that's why I'll win.

Sans the 7+ years of experience you're hoping for, I'm a valid fit for what you're advertising - I'll bring a creative spark to your team. 

I'm offering life experience. 

Someone will take it. Maybe it will be you. Trust me:

I'm worth it.