Returning to Mystery

We live in a world fueled by self-promotion. If you’re not building your personal brand via Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the like, it’s almost as if you don’t exist in 2016. When this trend first began years ago, those who were self-promoting in this way were brave outliers; however, publicly posting your every move is now the norm, which means that the newest counterculture, in my humble opinion, is going to favor a return to letting one’s achievements, passions and involvements speak for themselves.

I have nothing against social media, and yet I am honestly ready to admire someone who’s never campaigned for my admiration. My recent visit to the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago provides the perfect illustration as to why I advocate for a return to quiet humility.
— Erin Nicole, Darling Magazine

Who else is become quite bored by this incessant self-promotion? ::raises hand::