On Bravery: Allowing Simplicity


Restlessness is one of those feelings I have a hard time with; it washes over me quite a bit and I find myself often thinking of ways to settle my mind & breath a little easier. I've been working tons lately - and I need to be more conscious of spending time on myself. The following is my comprehensive list of reminders of how to do just that: these are the things that I've been filing away in my overflowing brain - things I've been wanting to do for ages (and simply haven't gotten around to doing yet). Please share your own with me.

Get rid of Twitter, a handful of apps, and any other technology that's unnecessary.

Research record players, buy one, lose self in music. Meditate.

Buy a subscription to Barre classes to strengthen body.

Get new plants. Work on porch. Make it an environment I want to be in.

Hang a clothesline.

Treat self to new, beautiful linen sheets.