Confessions: In My Life, With You


This weekend was all about gratitude. I have so much to be thankful for: a mostly drama-free childhood full of happy memories made possible by my two amazing parents who worked tirelessly to provide for their two kids, a job that (while exhausting,) keeps my mind sharp and hands busy, and a beautiful home that keeps me warm and safe as I listen to raindrops pitting against the roof over my resting head. I'm thankful for my friends & family in every corner of the world, the gorgeous Autumn weather in Austin, and the simple joys of baking a pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Eve. But what I'm most grateful for this year is the partner by my side. 

Alex is, truly, a godsend. He was introduced to me at a time in my life where everything was a question. I was a self-conscious, second-guessing, tired mess - and he stood by me anyway. He's the goofiest, silliest dude who is constantly making me laugh. He's the kindest person I've ever met; he makes me question why everyone can't be as enlightened as he... the world would be a better place. He's creative, thoughtful, and always open to learning something new. Don't get me wrong - everyone has their downfalls - he's so forgetful that sometimes I think if his head weren't on his body, he'd forget it before leaving the house... but overall? I don't want to go a day without this guy next to me.

Before I met Alex, I couldn't imagine my future. I used to think it meant I was doomed to an early exit. But now I find myself dreaming situations up often. The following is a list of thoughts and aspirations.

Who + what are you grateful for? Comment below; I'd love to read.

The two of us. I'm wearing Alex's sweatshirt he so gentlemanly offered up to me.

The two of us. I'm wearing Alex's sweatshirt he so gentlemanly offered up to me.

In my life, with you,

I want to host a Thanksgiving dinner in our home. I want it to be warm and inviting and filled with the sound of clinking glasses and soft, giddy chatter among guests.

I want to build a house with you - one with character and charm and flaws. I want a home with as many imperfections as our relationship; I want to build it with as much love as we have for each other.

I want to grow a family with you - go on camping trips and beach walks and road trips as a group. We'll marvel at our little ones and silently take in how lucky we are.

In my life, with you,

I want to work alongside you on films. We'll document important topics that will one day be seen as valuable research from history. Working together won't be easy but it will strengthen our bond and teach us things we never knew about each other.

I want us to go on (more) adventures. We'll explore near and far: allies & streets in our neighborhood and mountains & beaches on coasts we've yet to visit.

I want to travel overseas with you. I want to watch your face light up the first time you step foot on solid ground outside of the United States. We'll get our Passports together and map out our route of must-explore countries.

In my life, with you,

I want to celebrate 70 birthdays. I'll make you a birthday cake for each year you grow older and wiser. And each time the earth completes its dance around the sun, I'll tease you by commenting on all the gray hairs you've accumulated. You'll pretend to be annoyed but secretly you'll find my adoration for your salt & peppered head endearing.