What to Read, Watch, & Listen To


I'm always on the lookout for really good entertainment. Here are a few of my recent favorites. Please, please, please give me your suggestions in the comments; I'm interested!


What to Read

Me Before You (Jojo Moyes)

A tough subject but an easy read, this is a romance novel about a stifled young woman (Lou) and a witty yet ferociously angry man (Will) who loses the ability to do anything physical on his own. "At the novel’s outset, the prospects for [Louisa being able to help Will] appear[s] bleak. With his rudeness and his fits of temper, Will resembles Charlotte Brontë’s Mr. Rochester, albeit in a wheelchair. But Louisa Clark is no Jane Eyre, even if, like Brontë’s heroine, she is small, dark-haired and unprepossessing — “one of the invisibles,” as she herself puts it. But being with Will requires backbone. His own no longer works, but for her to keep her job, she will have to acquire one." (NYT).
Read the book before you see the major motion picture -- I watched before I read and wished I hadn't.

What to Watch


Okay, so not sure how this show flew under the radar, but Alex and I absolutely loved this one. From the creators of The Wire, Tremé is made up of four beautiful seasons. The show is a well-written drama about the residents of one of New Orleans' oldest neighborhoods in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Amazing jazz music, too! We admit - we definitely binged.

What to Listen To

John Boutté

Guess where we found John? That's right - Tremé introduced us to our new favorite jazz vocalist. "Walk down the tree-lined streets of New Orleans Faubourg Marigny neighborhood on a hot sultry night, and chances are you'll hear John Boutte's voice floating out of one of the area's trendy nightspots. Perhaps he'll be singing soulful versions of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" or Annie Lennox's "Why," or maybe it'll be one of the bayou-blended tunes he's co-authored with Paul Sanchez, his pal in the Marigny. Whatever the song, its soulfulness will stop you in your tracks, for Boutté lives and breathes the heart and soul of New Orleans." 

Tell me what your newest go-tos are below.