On Bravery: Standing Out


After watching "Nanette" on Netflix, I've been ever more-so moved by women standing up for themselves and for their fellow women.

That's why this ad had me giving a standing ovation. Stabilo's "Highlight the Remarkable" campaign is turning heads. The world's largest manufacturer of highlighter pens is bringing attention to the historical, heroic women who should have gotten commendation immediately.

Featuring NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, U.S. First Lady Edith Wilson and Austrian-Swedish physicist Lise Meitner, each print ad shows a black and white photo with a highlight mark on the woman, whose contribution was put in the shade by the man or men she stood next to.

Can I get a "hell yes," ladies?!


We all know there are hundreds of thousands of women who deserve to be highlighted. Leave a comment below with the hero you hope to see pop up in Stabilo's campaign, which is supposed to run for the rest of the summer.

(...And if you've yet to see Nanette, you must log into Netflix immediately).

I love being mistaken for a man... but I wouldn’t want to be a straight white man—not if you paid me!... although the pay would be substantially better!
— Hannah Gadsby