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Confessions: In My Life, With You

This weekend was all about gratitude. I have so much to be thankful for: a mostly drama-free childhood full of happy memories made possible by my two amazing parents who worked tirelessly to provide for their two kids, a job that (while exhausting,) keeps my mind sharp and hands busy, and a beautiful home that keeps me warm and safe as I listen to raindrops pitting against the roof over my resting head. I'm thankful for my friends & family in every corner of the world, the gorgeous Autumn weather in Austin, and the simple joys of baking a pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Eve. But what I'm most grateful for this year is the partner by my side. 

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Confessions: Voyeur

I want someone who, early in the morning, secretly watches me from the warmth of the bed in our tiny one-bedroom apartment. He sees me at the stove: my right foot propped against my left ankle while I stir honey into my still steaming cup of tea. He'd watch as a small stream of hot water trickles off the mug's handle - a telltale sign of vigorous stirring - and lands on my wool sock, which absorbs instantly into the fabric. He wonders what I'm staring at

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