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Mindfulness: Small Pleasures

When my hand injury first happened, I was easily frustrated and angry. As an artist, when such small tasks such as turning a doorknob or opening a jar were difficult, I began losing hope that I'd ever be able to create again. When the stress became too much, focusing on small things that still made me smile was helpful. During that time, my list included the following.

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Mindfulness: For if I Ever Have a Child

I'm twenty-six years old. I don't know what lays in my future. I have a vague sense that I'll one day have children: I would love to adopt. Life has a way of happening, though, interrupting dreams and hungrily eating up time. So, you never know. But if I do have a child, I'd want him to know that the two most important things in this world are kindness and bravery. The following is the list of things I'd want him to know as truth.

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