Lost & Found


An artist book saluting those people and things I have lost in my lifetime.

The book takes the form of canning jars as meant to elicit the idea of keeping something over a long period of time.

Hand written descriptions of my memories as well as embroidered pillows (evoking delicacy) are contained in each jar, while the lids hold a simple title describing who or what has been lost. The most memorable part(s) of these people and/or things have been reconstructed in the form of embroidered pillows. Many times when children lose a significant person or thing in their life, they become attached to a transitional object. Psychologist D.W. Winnicott describes a transitional (other-than-mother) object, usually of a soft material, as used by a child to provide comfort and security while he is away from a secure base (like the primary care-taker or home).

(Embroidered pillows, mason jars, pen & paper).