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Web Design

starting at $50/hr | portfolio

Thoughtful curation, responsive designs, and solutions to pesky theme-limitations. Looking for a website, blog, portfolio, or shop? Let's chat!

  • Introductory discussion & planning meetings
  • A beautifully-designed, Squarespace-Themed Website
  • SEO-optimized backend (the titling of images, tagging, & hyperlinking)
  • Solutions to pesky theme limitations & helpful tips, tricks & videos


Starting at $40 | portfolio

In need of a drawing for a t-shirt, sticker, business card, or album release? I work with contour lines so if that's your style, too, or if it fits your brand, I'd love to work with you.

  • Contour Lines
  • Great for simple logos
  • Elegant & playful
  • Quick turn-around time

Logo & Branding Design

Starting at $500 | Portfolio

Is your brand or logo in need of a refresh with a capital R? I have experience in tweaking current favorites as well as creating new, made-from-scratch logos and brand style sheets.

  • 4 initial designs from the get-go

  • One-on-one meetings

  • Advice & constructive critiques

  • Option to pay for up to 3 revisions/editing sessions


Décor Banners

starting at $90 | portfolio

Hand-lettered; hand-painted banners. The perfect little hanging sign to say what you reall mean.

  • Heavy-duty canvas; double-sided with finished edges
  • Jet black silk-screening ink
  • Natural stick with hemp string acts as hanging device
  • Made within three weeks upon purchase

Resumé Assistance

Starting at $30/Hr

Is your resumé a mess? I can tidy it up for you! Modern designs and clean edits will make your potential new boss's head turn.

  • Introductory discussion & planning meeting
  • Beautifully designed resumé 
  • PDF and PNG files
  • After contract ends, offering small edits at $3/edit


Blogging Assistance

Starting at $30/hr

If you want to get your thoughts from your head to the keyboard, but need a push, I'm your girl. Experienced in copywriting & blog management.

  • Introductory discussion & planning meeting
  • Tips & tricks for writing
  • Advice & constructive critiques
  • Management & structuring of posts written during our contract