Custom Squarespace Site

Custom Squarespace Site


Thoughtful curation, responsive designs, and solutions to pesky theme-limitations. Looking for a website, blog, portfolio, or shop? Let's chat!

Custom $50/hr Site Design Includes:
• Introductory discussion & planning meetings
• A beautifully-designed, Squarespace-Themed Website
• SEO-optimized backend (the titling of images, tagging, & hyperlinking)
• Solutions to pesky theme limitations to help you achieve the exact "look" you're going for
• Helpful tips, tricks, and videos so you can continue growing your site after the development

***DISCLAIMER: You will be expected to purchase a Squarespace plan of your choosing after booking my services. This purchase is completely separate from my services. Annual Squarespace plans range from $144 (basic website) to $480 (fully-established online stores).***

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