On Small Pleasures

An illustration book promoting the little things in life. Simple drawings remind us to take notice and appreciate the small. Makes for a great coffee-table book or gift. $28.
Limited self-published edition of 300.


What an inspiring project
— Courtney Sanchez, Teacher, San Antonio TX
The book is so, so lovely. I know our readers are going to completely adore it.
— Joanna Goddard, Distinguished Blogger of Cup of Jo, New York, NY
Tis an incredible work of heart and soul.
— Morgaine Mary Beck, Life Coach, Falmouth MA
The book is so beautiful! After seeing the first page, I wanted to see more.
— Bo Duncan, Managing Editor of Citygram Austin Magazine, Austin TX
Nothing warms my little heart more than seeing my friends turn their dreams into an actual, physical book. Proud of Abigail Marguerite for illustrating her first book - I love it; it’s on my coffee table.
— Catelyn Silapachai, Owner of The Distillery Market, Austin TX
“I found myself laughing at times, and at others in deep thought reminiscing. Brevity can be so powerful, and “Small Pleasures” harnesses it perfectly, lighting up memory banks that lie in the dark, waiting for a spark... Rain on the roof, rustling leaves, the first buds of spring, mud, swing sets, camp fires, summertime swims... So many good memories!
— Alex Milan, Co-Founder of Dox, Austin TX