Abigail Marguerite Dreier

Product Work

Current Booking Engine — Visit https://theguild.co/book


Mobile App (V2.0) Prototype (Work In Progress) —

This project is ongoing; our goal is to create an all-in-one portal for our guests to use as their pocket guide and concierge to the city. I’m currently working to create 2 prototypes of two separate designs to User Test. We’re testing which version of the Dashboard Homepage will resonate most with users. The version you’re viewing today separates orders one can make to their room from experiences & events they’d be having outside of their room. The other version combines these two things into one comprehensive menu.


Mobile App V1.2 — Guest Previews


Mobile App V1.2 — Screen Shots

C17. Equipment 2.png
B4. Home--Room--Checkin.png